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Manufacturing Youth Employment Program



Connect youth (16-24) to on-the-job training experiences at local manufacturers supplemented by advanced manufacturing and automation training from Nebraska Innovation Studio and job and life skills from the American Job Center. 

Payment for trainees is provided by LMC’s ARPA Workforce Development Grant from the City of Lincoln. Students benefit from on-the-job work experience, and employers benefit from added labor with costs covered by LMC. Trainees are qualified for and supported by AJC's Youth Employment Support Services.

This program is partnered with the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program and Lancaster County Youth Employment Programs sponsored by the American Jobs Center.

Outline of Training (for youth)

  • Experience: Work in a local manufacturing company in a field of interest to you
    • Participate in weekly classes to learn advanced manufacturing and automation skills from Nebraska Innovation Studio.
    • Participate in regular job and life skills education, including financial literacy, job search skills, and more.
  • Pay: Be paid for your work $15/hour and receive a $250 supportive service payment upon completion of the training.
  • Schedule: Hours are dependent on the company’s needs, youth will be expected to meet expectations of the company and discuss specifics with their supervisor. Training will be 8-10 weeks.
  • Qualification: You must qualify for the American Jobs Center's YESS program in order to participate. LEARN MORE

Outline of Training (for businesses)

  • Pay: Trainees paid by LMC at a rate of $15/hour there is no cost to the employer
  • Timing: Employment will be 8-10 weeks, determined by employer and trainee
  • Program: Host local trainees for on-the-job training that exposes them to different manufacturing jobs that may be of interest to them
  • Experience: Trainees are exposed to hands-on learning experiences relevant to the job and equipped to do real work that benefits your company
    • Trainees take classes at Nebraska Innovation Studio to learn advanced manufacturing and automation skills
      • Trainees participate in regular job and life skills education including financial literacy, job search skills, and more
  • About the trainees
    • Age: Interns will be 16-24 years of age and may be current high school students or out-of-school youth
      • Companies will determine if they are willing to take trainees 16-17 years of age
    • Qualifications: Youth must be qualified for AJC’s YESS program which is for youth who face barriers to employment but are eager to grow their skills and find a stable career path.
      • Qualifications for YESS include experiencing barriers such as being out of school, lacking English skills, low income, justice involvement, disabilities, foster care background, or pregnancy.

Business Commitment

  • Mentorship: Devote supportive supervision and mentorship to trainees who will potentially need to learn basic workplace skills in addition to industry skills
    • Provide regular supervisor/trainee conversations
  • Scheduling: Develop a consistent and reasonable work schedule in collaboration with the trainee, accommodate for schedule of LMC and AJC trainings
  • Experience: Create opportunities for trainees to learn and do real work
  • Communication: Communicate hours to staffing agency and feedback to LMC on a regular basis

Benefits to Businesses

  • Fully-funded training program by LMC reduces risk to employer and encourages employers to participate fully in creating a meaningful experience
  • Development of a future employee pipeline and shape a potential future employee
  • Additional contribution to production
  • Opportunity to develop mentorship skills in current employees
  • Positive recognition of company by interns and community
  • Showcase valuable manufacturing work that is happening in Lincoln
  • Expose potential employees to jobs available right here in Lincoln