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About LMC

Mission & History

The Lincoln Manufacturing Council (LMC) formed in 2019 as a collaboration between the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development and several local manufacturing leaders. Their goal was to bridge the gap between the workforce needs of Lincoln manufacturers and the capabilities of current and future job seekers.

The program began with the Manufacturing Tech Certificate, a six-session class developed by manufacturers intended to prepare prospective employees for stable jobs with excellent pay and benefits. Since 2019, the Certificate has graduated over 170 individuals.

In 2021, we were awarded a large Workforce Development grant from the City of Lincoln’s American Rescue Plan State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund. This funding, available through 2024, has allowed us to expand our program offerings to continue development of Lincoln’s manufacturing workforce.


Our top priority is to increase the number of people in Lincoln that have the skills and knowledge to enter the manufacturing industry. LMC strives to:

  1. Improve recruitment and retention of workforce by creating, providing, and graduating individuals in the Lincoln Manufacturing Certificate Program and establishing career pathways for growth.
  2. Increase awareness of manufacturing careers in our community by sharing career opportunities through partnerships with Lincoln Public Schools, higher education institutions, and nonprofits including immigrant and refugee-serving agencies.
  3. Build opportunities for business growth and collaboration among like-minded organizations by highlighting career opportunities and retention strategies.



Lincoln Manufacturing Certificate Level 1

A six-session class intended for under- or unemployed individuals with no previous experience in manufacturing. The locally-recognized certificate provides graduates with skills and relationships for success in an entry-level manufacturing career.

We work to reduce all barriers to participation in the certificate by providing childcare, transportation if needed, ELL support from Lincoln Literacy, meals at each class, and a $250 stipend upon completion of class requirements.

Lincoln Manufacturing Certificate Level 2

Developed in partnership with Southeast Community College, Level 2 is intended for individuals with previous manufacturing experience or who are currently in entry-level manufacturing work and are ready to take the next step in their careers. This more technical program will help participants move into more skilled roles at local manufacturers.

Youth On-the-Job Training

Connect youth (16-24) to on-the-job training internships at local manufacturers supplemented by an adapted version of the LMC Manufacturing Basics Certificate including job and life skills from AJC/WIOA. Payment for trainees is provided by LMC’s ARPA Workforce Development Grant from the City of Lincoln. Students benefit from on-the-job work experience, employers benefit from added labor with costs covered by LMC.

Partially-Subsidized On-the-Job Training

LMC member companies who hire graduates from our classes are eligible for a partial subsidy of up to eight weeks of on-the-job training and the cost of PPE for new hires. Only available through 2024.

The Council

LMC member manufacturers are invited to present to LMC classes about employment opportunities, attend job fairs on the last night of class, and host job shadows for class participants.

Members of LMC are invited to an annual meeting and various other networking and learning opportunities as they arise. Membership in the LMC demonstrates advocacy for developing the manufacturing workforce in Lincoln.