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About LMC

Frequent Questions

Business Questions

  1. What is the LMC?

    The Lincoln Manufacturing Council (LMC) is a coalition of business organizations that advocate for manufacturing and building the manufacturing workforce in Lincoln, NE.

  2. Who can join?

    The Council is made up of manufacturing employers located in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, as well as community business partners who want to promote manufacturing. Membership is a financial commitment.

  3. What are the benefits of joining?

    See this page for an outline of benefits
    Manufacturers that are Council members have the opportunity to recruit potential employees through a wide variety of activities. All members are a part of developing the manufacturing workforce in Lincoln.

  4. How can a manufacturing company join?

    Any manufacturing company interested in joining LMC can contact Chloe Higgins,, for more information.

  5. How can I be involved if I’m not a manufacturer?

    Non-manufacturing companies can become supporters of LMC by reaching out to

  6. What is the cost of membership?

    Council membership ranges from $500 to $5,000

Class Questions

  1. What do the classes teach?

    Level 1: Designed for individuals with no prior manufacturing experience, this class will teach you skills that will make you successful in an entry-level manufacturing job. Topics include:
    - What is manufacturing?
    - Employer expectations and interview preparation
    - Measurement
    - Interpreting work orders and blueprints
    - Quality
    - Business acumen and lean manufacturing
    - Safety
    Level 2: Designed for individuals with entry-level manufacturing experience, this certificate will equip you to increase wages and move beyond entry-level manufacturing jobs. The certificate is three main modules and additional modules may be added:
    - Industrial Math
    - Measurement
    - Quality + Print Reading

  2. Do you offer job placement assistance?

    Class participants will receive multiple opportunities to interact with employers through job shadows, employer presentations, and a job fair on the last night of class. Participants are responsible to apply for jobs but the personal connection and your Certificate will set you apart from the rest.

  3. Who can take the class?

    Level 1: Anybody who has no prior experience in manufacturing and is seeking a stable job with excellent pay and benefits.
    Level 2: Anybody with entry-level manufacturing experience who wants to grow their skills in order to obtain a promotion, raise or a job above entry-level. You can be currently employed in manufacturing, previously employed, or a graduate of Level 1.
    Level 3: Any Level 1 or Level 2 completers, or anybody employed at a LMC member manufacturer

  4. How much do your classes cost?

    Our classes are offered free of charge and we provide wraparound services such as childcare, meals, transportation, and a supportive service payment upon completion of the class.

  5. When do you offer classes?

    Level 1 is offered 6-7 times per year, typically in partnership with local nonprofits and institutions such as Lincoln Public Schools or the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln.
    Level 2 is offered in three modules that rotate throughout the year. See Certificates Overview for more information.

  6. What are the benefits of the class?

    Favorable consideration by manufacturing employers
    - Local industry-recognized certificate
    - Insight into career opportunities
    - Training to position individuals to step into entry-level manufacturing careers
    - Valuable job shadow and job fair opportunities
    - Supportive service payment upon program completion