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Subsidized On-the-Job Training

What funding is available?

The Lincoln Manufacturing Council wants to encourage our employers to hire and promote graduates of our programs. We recognize hiring and promoting can be risky. We want to encourage you to hire graduates of our programs by partially-subsidizing their on-the-job training.

  • 60% of wages or up to $10.20/hour
  • Up to 8 weeks of on-the-job training
  • Cost of any personal protective equipment needed during this period

Who is eligible?

Employees are eligible for this funding after they complete any LMC program and, as a result of this graduation, they experience one of the following:

  • Hired by an LMC company
  • Given a promotion by their LMC employer
  • Given a wage increase by their LMC employer

How can we take advantage?

This money is only available through 2024, so act now!

  • Participate in LMC class job fairs to find new employees
  • Encourage your employees to apply for the Skills Certificate and Upskilling Scholarship, then reward them for their efforts
  • Contact Chloe Higgins ( when an employee becomes eligible